[Angenommen]Application to Fire Department

  • [Angenommen]Application to Fire Department

    Reallife data:

    Name:Shiiv Sharma

    Ingame data:

    Play hours:950+
    Bank money:200Kk+
    Fractional process:I have experience of all fractions except Terror and Army


    (helicopter: )[x]

    Strengths and weaknesses:

    +[Strengths] •Friendly
    +[Strengths] •Kann Spreche Deutsch

    -[Weaknesses] •Money
    -[Weaknesses] •Not so good with heli.


    Teamspeak³ activation?:[x]
    Functioning microphone?:[x]

    Questions from the Fire Department:

    •Why do you wanna join the San Fierro Fire Department ? (2 answers)

    •Just because after i came back on the server,this fraction has made so much progress and i want to experience the new changes which have taken place and to have fun.
    •As i have joined the server after a long time,i want to first explore the server and so i feel the Fire department would be the best for this.

    • How long do you want to be in the Fire Department ?

    • It Depends,However i feel like 2-3 Months...

    • Are you in your reallife in the Fire Department ?

    •No xD

    • Conclusion:Thank you,HulKBusteR